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Use this program to read and process your email using a web browser. Use it when you're traveling and don't have access to your regular PC. However, please keep in mind that it has just the basic functions and is not meant to replace your regular email program. In addition, as a cgi program it does place a heavier load on the server and if used excessively will slow the response of your web site.

Note: This program will work only for web sites that are hosted on our servers and use our mailservers. It will reject websites that have had their DNS records modified to send their email to another server.

This program has been adapted from Kim Holviala's Mailreader v2.3.26. Click Here for instructions.
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Mailserver :
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Quickhelp: If your email address is "", your username is "joe" and mailserver most likely "" or "".

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Mailreader v2.3.26 (2000-10-5) Copyright (C) Kim Holviala 1997-2000.